19 September 2016


Congratulations to the 2016 MSO Hall of Fame Members!!!


Frederick Winter from Holland, Michigan is a U.S Navy Veteran who served during World War II. He has participated in many different sports while competing with the Michigan Senior Olympics. He has held multiple National Records  including Shot Put, Discus, Hammer throw, 50M run and 100M run. He made history while at the National Senior Olympics by being the first man over the age of 100 to complete the 100-meter run. He is also one of six individuals being  featured in a Chicago  museum exhibit focusing on centenarians from across the country. Frederick generously gives his medals away to those that are needy or deserving of them. He is a true testament to how far determination can take an individual.


Dorothy Comstock Ray was the type of individual that inspired everyone around her. After 33 years of teaching Dorothy retired and soon after was introduced to the love of walking. She started competing at the age of 70 with a quest for the Gold. At the age of 82 she had  already earned over 100 medals and represented Michigan in five National Senior Games. She held the records in her age group for Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, 1500M Run, 800M Run 400M Run and 100M Run at the age of 85. Dorothy enjoyed participating in the Michigan Senior Olympics and was a fierce competitor.






Michael Fiorillo competed for the first time with The Michigan Senior Olympics in 1985. He only missed 3 years due to injury and earned over 100 medals while competing.  He has competed in many different events including softball, volleyball, badminton, and track & field where he set the triple jump record in 2010 and he still continues to participate to this day. He spent many years traveling around to different competitions. He also spent much of his life starting programs for mentally and emotionally disturbed children in Michigan State Hospitals. Due to his instrumental work in starting the organization, MATEDC (Michigan Association of Teachers of Emotionally Disturbed Children) he was recognized with the “Outstanding to Service Youth Award”. He has seven children and   has been a member of Sigma Delta PSI, a National Honorary Athletic Fraternity, since 1953. Michael has changed the lives of     many individuals, and continues to do so everyday.



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