19 September 2016


Hall of Fame



About the Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Michigan Senior Olympic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor outstanding athletic performances, as well as outstanding contributions made to the success of the Michigan Senior Olympics by athletes Board Members, and volunteers. The award will be presented to not more than 3 individuals each year. Nominations may be submitted by anyone, self-nominations are acceptable. The award may be granted posthumously.


Eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be a Michigan resident.
  2. Athlete, Board Member, or Volunteer for at least 7 years
  3. Athletes must have won numerous gold medals in Michigan Senior Olympics competitions
  4. Other considerations (not all required):

- Has exhibited good sportsmanship and citizenship

- Has been a positive ambassador for the Michigan Senior Olympics

- Has volunteered time and/or money to the Michigan Senior Olympics

- Has set a record in Michigan Senior Olympic competitions

- Has competed against at least one other athlete in most events

- Has well-represented Michigan in the National Senior Games


How is someone nominated?

  1. Complete the appropriate nomination form, providing the most complete information possible
  2. Include all appropriate supporting documentation (newspaper articles, testimonials, photographs, athletic records, etc.)
  3. Mail the above requested items to:

Michigan Senior Olympics

650 Letica Dr.

Rochester, MI 48307

All nomination forms and documentation must be postmarked by June 1 of the year they are to be considered. Nominations received after June 1 may be held over for consideration in the next year's nomination process. All nomination forms will be reviewed by the Executive Director to verify that the person being nominated meets the aforementioned eligibility requirements. If nominated but not selected, a nominee will automatically continue to be considered for selection in the ensuing years. Qualifying nominations will be presented to the Board of Directors for review and approval before being forwarded to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of three individuals chosen annually by the Board of Directors, and will include at least one Board member. Successful candidates must receive approval of at least two of the three members of the Selection Committee. Presentations of the awards will be made at the Celebration of Athletes dinner held in conjunction with the following Michigan Senior Olympics competition.



Congratulations to the 2017 MSO Hall of Fame Members!!!



Clara “Lulu” Gamble of Kalamazoo has been involved in the Michigan Senior Olympics since 1990. She has participated in various events throughout the years including Pickleball, Badminton, Racquetball, Powerlifting, and Track & Field. Lulu has also attended several National Senior Games competitions and represented Michigan by bringing home multiple medals. She also holds several state records in javelin and shot put. "The most popular kid on the block had a bat and ball.  I was not that kid. Few sporting activities were available in my youth especially if you were a "southern belle"." After my wage earning years I discovered the senior games and started to sample as many as available. What fun.  Wonderful friends surfaced. Aided by some super pals, I have had many experiences on the state and national level. Winning a lot of medals impresses my family and friends.  To me, they are reminders of good times and fun with a host of playmates.


Stan Koster, currently a resident of Zeeland, has always competed in athletics, including winning 12 varsity letters in three sports in the small rural high school in McBain.  He continued competing in numerous track and field events at Calvin College where he was a record holder in pole vault and javelin. In 2000 he returned to competition by competing in the Senior Olympics, focusing on the javelin, all as part of rehab from a bout with cancer.  Stan has competed in the MSO games 14 times, winning the gold every year except his first year. He holds the state record for age brackets (65,70,75,80).  He has also competed in numerous National Senior Games, winning the gold medal 5 times (2001, 2005, 2007, 2011 and 2015) breaking the national record in Houston in 2011.  He currently is listed in the top 10 national performances in three age categories (70,75, 80). And in 2005 Stan won the World Masters Games javelin competition in Edmonton, Canada. “MSO has been an important part of my life and I am most grateful for this.  At a time when I needed to refocus Senior Olympics provided an opportunity.  Along the way we have met some wonderful people who have enriched our lives in ways that likely would not have happened without these experiences.”


Manny Hauer is a good example of why a healthy active lifestyle is something for which we should all strive, Manny is 106 years old.  When asked for his advice for living a long life he always says walk daily, eat healthy foods, and limit red meat.  He said that the MSO played a large roll in his ability to implement his philosophy. Manny Competed at 100 years old and the last time at 101 years old.  He won a gold medal and set the record for 100+.  The Olympic committee had to establish a new category of 100+ for Manny.  He also holds the record for 95+ years old. The Michigan Senior Olympics gave Manny a focus for his life.  As soon as he completed one race he began training for the next year’s race.  He was an inspiration not only to those who competed in the Olympics with him but too many people in the community who know him.  His perseverance and resilience has been a wonderful example and inspiration to his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and other family and friends.

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